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Reese Witherspoon wants Christina Applegate to join The Morning Show

would love to see Christina Applegate join the cast of ‘The Morning Show’.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the hit drama series alongside Jennifer Aniston, and they’d both relish the chance to work with Christina.

Reese said: “We need Christina Applegate to join us. That would be fun.”

Jennifer, 52, agreed with her showbiz pal.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, she added: “We should do something like that.”

Reese, 45, also revealed she felt “emotional” watching the ‘Friends’ reunion special.

The Hollywood star made a guest appearance on the show during the sixth season of the iconic sitcom and although she didn’t star in the recent reunion, she admitted to loving every moment of it.

She shared: “It was so moving. I found it so emotional. I cried three times watching you guys. It reminds me of a time in my life. Y’all lived it, but we watched it. It was important to me.”

Meanwhile, Reese recently hailed Jennifer as “one of the funniest people” she’s ever met.

The acclaimed actress admitted that her showbiz pal has “perfect” comedic timing.

She shared: “I have to say, when we do our fighting scenes, it’s really hard not to laugh and crack up, because we have to be so mean to each other. We just love each other much.

“She’s literally one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Her delivery is perfect on every joke.”

The blonde beauty thinks ‘The Morning Show’ is the “perfect” project for them both.

Reese said: “We’d been looking for a project to collaborate on for years and years, so when this came about, it was perfect.”

Prior to that, Jennifer confessed that she’s loved working with Reese.

She shared: “It’s always fun to fight with Reese because she’s such a sweet burst of sunshine that she’s, you know, not someone you wanna go scream your head off to. And I usually always end up bursting into laughter at some point. It’s just too hard to be that mad with each other.”

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