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What is Hollywood Treatment?

Hollywood Treatment the trend-spotting, hot online source for pop culture gossip, fabulous celeb photo galleries and breaking entertainment news. Find out more about us here.

My comment doesn’t show up?

There is an automatic moderation tool software used on this site to combat spammers. Sometimes, the filters will mistakenly mislabel a comment. Our moderators go through thousands of comments and they’ll clear any comments that are mislabeled. If your comment still doesn’t show up, contact us in our help contact form.

There’s a bad comment, please remove it!

We have thousands of comments reported to us everyday. While our filters take care of many of them, we have to go through the ones that do not get filtered. The best thing to do with abusive comments is not to respond to them in any way. First step is to flag or vote the comment down. If the comment receives enough negative comments, it will be automatically hidden.

Can I take photos off your site and put it on mine?

Although we’d love to share photos with everyone, we can’t allow our photos to be placed on other sites. We work with a lot of the top photo agencies and they’ve been kind enough to license the photos to us. The photos are protected, if you’re interested in purchasing the photos, contact the photo agencies we attribute in the posts.

I’m the copyright owner of a photo on your site, can you please link to me or remove the photo?

Please contact us here with a statement swearing that you are the copyright owner of the photo, the link on our site to the post that shows your photo, and someone will take care of your request as soon as possible.

I think there’s a virus on your site? Help!

First run your virus scan and anti-spyware programs.

After you run a scan of the site, also make sure there are no third party applications running on your browser. If you’re still having problems, please contact us through our Help contact form. Make sure you include the page you were visiting, what kind of browser you’re using, your computer’s OS system (Vista, XP, Mac), along with the exact action you took to trigger the problem.

How can I get updates of your site sent to my email?

You can subscribe to Hollywood Treatment using the sign-up boxes on the homepage.

On a few posts, what does [Advertisement] or Sponsored mean?

An [Advertisement] or Sponsored post is a paid endorsement, or advertisement. The site may feature sponsored advertisers and the purpose of this note is to disclose the relationship between the site and the advertiser.


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